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To Protect & Serve: Heroes In Uniform Reviews & Giveaway

To Protect & Serve: Heroes In Uniform 
By Stef Ann Holm
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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An Igniting Attraction

Fireman Tony Cruz faces the charred ruins of his life. Burned by his 
adulteress wife, Tony just lost his precious step-daughter in the resulting 

Across the street, Natalie Goodwin is enjoying her empty nest. The ink 
dry on her divorce papers and her daughter now in college, Natalie is 
realizing her dream: opening her very own flower shop. Life is finally 
going right, until Tony Cruz walks in the door.

Now sparks of desire are flying everywhere, each one threatening to 
ignite Natalie's own fire. But falling for a hunky fireman nine years her 
junior is not part of the plan.

Previously Titled: Leaving Normal


My Review:
  So I had a hard time getting into this one but I'm glad I stuck through it. Its a very enjoyable believable read.
 The relationship between these characters is very drawn out. At times frustratingly so.  But it's very realistic. There's no insta-love. Natalie and Tony actually get to know one another and are friends before they even begin a relationship.
 I liked Natalie and Tony a lot. They are both very strong independent people who are facing struggles in their life. At times Tony was very cocky but not in a jerky way. He's just very confident in himself. Natalie frustrated me the most in not going for what she wanted and second guessing herself a lot.
 This was a very sweet enjoyable read. At times I couldn't relate to the characters because I'm not a mom or haven't been married and had to deal with divorce. But it was well written and flowed very nicely.

An Arresting Attraction

Burned-out Miami PD detective Paul Cabrera is determined to slow 
down. Reporting for a deputy job in Majestic, Colorado, where the most 
exciting police work will be writing parking tickets, Paul didn’t plan on 
falling in lust with the very sexy Deputy Lanie Prescott.

Lanie Prescott wants respect. But that word isn't in the Chief of Police's 
vocabulary. Determined to be taken seriously as a police officer, Lanie 
ignores her smokin' hot replacement and packs her bags for a law-
enforcement job in the city.

But an emerging crime wave temporarily puts Lanie back on the Majestic 
force, and what began as an arresting attraction between Paul and Lanie 
just may become a long-term incarceration of the heart.

Previously titled: Undressed




My Review:
 This was another very enjoyable read from Stef Ann Holm.
At times it was slow moving but I like that she makes the relationships between her characters very realistic. There's a great build up to them actually being together. It can be very frustrating at times but it still is nice to read.
 I really like Lanie. She wants so badly to be a good cop. But because she's a female and her boss is very old fashion he won't let her prove herself and get in on the action. So she looks for a new job. Paul and her fit really well together. The chemistry between them was great. He's a really nice guy and I liked him and Lanie together.
 This was a very sweet enjoyable read. If your looking for a nice believable story then I would definitely recommend picking this one up.

USA Today Bestselling author Stef Ann Holm walked the same high-school 

stage as Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer and landed a "C" in Drama and an "A" 

in Creative Writing. Now a highly acclaimed author, Stef Ann enjoys life in 

Idaho with her husband and their squirrel-crazy Yorkshire terrier, Cocoa Puff. 

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