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Spotlight & Review: Rendered by Samantha Jacobey

Irrevocable Series Book 1
Samantha Jacobey
Genre: New Adult Dystopian, Romantic Suspense

How do you survive, when the only life you’ve ever known disappears in a single night? 

With more friends than she could count and the daughter of two wealthy attorneys, Bailey Dewitt had a life most kids dream about. A cheerleader, the auburn haired beauty lived in a large house, where she could afford to be and do whatever she wanted. Residing in a smaller community outside of Chicago, she attended high school, getting ready for college and the fabulous career that would one day be hers. And in a single night, she lost it all; the night her parents died. 

Dragged away from the only home she has ever known and forced into the care of her renegade uncle, Bailey must learn to play by a new set of rules. Faced with tough choices, she soon learns that nothing will ever be the same. When she meets Caleb Cross, she realizes her life in Illinois had been a lie. For the first time in her life, she has the chance to be truly happy. That is, if she can earn her place among the people in the tiny prepper community of Lawson… 
My Review:
I had a really hard time getting into this one at first. I did not like the main character Bailey. I found her to be very selfish and snotty. But then the story got a lot more intriguing and mysterious.
 I started to like Bailey more and more throughout the book. She became a lot stronger of a person and tried to better herself. I also really liked Caleb. He was the mysterious boy who watched out for her and then you found out he was connected to her uncle.
 The story was pretty fast paced and the big mystery of her uncles home is interesting. I'm curious as to what will happen next in the series.

Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations anywhere at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.

I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and hope that you will love reading it just as much. And of course, there will be many more adventures to come.

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Spotlight & Review: Begin Again by R.C. Matthews

Begin Again
Wish Come True Series Book 3
By R.C. Matthews
Genre: New Adult Romance

When Tyler Johnson spends the evening at a bar celebrating her cousin’s pseudo bachelorette party, she boldly takes on Jordan’s bet. A note on a napkin, placed provocatively in their waiter’s back pocket, and two minutes later he’s calling Tyler’s cell phone…asking her for a date. Bet won! It was all in good fun. So when things start to heat up on their first date, she suddenly has cold feet. He works at a strip club and picks up babes on a regular basis. No thanks. 
That is until college resumes in the fall and Mr. Hottie shares her English class and turns out to be everything she has ever wanted in a boyfriend…but can’t have now…because she judged the book by its cover. Unless she can convince Chase Bronson to begin again. 

WARNING: This book contains profanity and explicit sexual content.

My Review:
This is book 3 in the series but it stands alone fine. It was very fast paced and a lot of fun. It had me laughing out loud at moments.
Chase and Tyler were very cute and very sweet together. There was a certain misunderstanding and lack of communication that caused some drama between the 2 that made it frustrating.
I read this in one sitting and really enjoyed it. The characters were a lot of fun! I definitely plan on going back and reading the first 2.

R.C. Matthews was raised in the Metro-Detroit area along with three sisters and a brother by deaf parents. Her father is a voracious reader and that gene lives on in all of his children. Now the reading gene is sprouting in her own two sons who love to read J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and may others. In fact, R.C. Matthews plans to try her hand at writing a teen fantasy fiction based on her son's favorite board game Talisman ... someday.

R.C. Matthews graduated from a liberal arts college with a B.A. in Accounting and German and continues to work as a certified public accountant. She lived for four years in Germany and she enjoys traveling with her family (loving husband, two sons and a stepson), reading, downhill skiing and playing board games with her family.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cover Reveal: Mine by Stacey Kennedy

Title:  MINE
Series: Club Sin #7
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Genre: Erotic Romance (recommended for mature audiences)
Release Date: October 27, 2015
Publisher: Random House Loveswept
Format: Digital eBook
ISBN: 9780804181266
Dmitri and Presley—the scorching-hot couple who started it all in Claimed—return to save Club Sin in the exhilarating new short novel from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy.
Dmitri Pratt is living out his dream. Not only does he own the ultimate playground for the BDSM lifestyle, he’s found a special connection with his deliciously sexy sub, Presley Flynn, the woman who complements him in ways that go far beyond the bedroom. But when an anonymous blackmailer threatens to expose the elite, high-profile members of Club Sin in a notorious tabloid, Dmitri’s perfect world spirals out of control.
Before she met Dmitri, Presley never imagined she would find a Master who could deliver on all her hottest fantasies. Dmitri’s love and his sensual artistry surprise her every day, until he suddenly turns distant and cold. For the first time, Presley wonders where Dmitri’s heart truly lies: with her, or with Club Sin. As the life they’ve built together begins to crumble, Presley can only trust that Dmitri has what it takes—to defend what’s his, and win back the woman he cannot live without.
Mine is intended for mature audiences.
Author Bio:
STACEY KENNEDY is the USA Today bestselling author of the CLUB SIN series. Growing up, Stacey’s mind wandered the path less traveled and that path most often led to love. She has always broken rules and she continues to feed off emotion – staying true to her heart. Those traits are now the bones of her stories. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who puts any of the heroes in her books to shame, and their two young children. If she’s not on mom duty or plugging away at a new story, you’ll find Stacey camping in the summer, hibernating in the winter and obsessing over Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones and Outlander.     
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Spotlight & Review: Revealed by Caitlyn O'Leary

The Found, Book 1
by Caitlyn O'Leary
Genre: Action Adventure/ Sci-Fi Romance 

A Woman In Danger
When Kelly finds herself kidnapped, she clings to the one thing that can get her through her ordeal, a dream of a boy long forgotten—Noah.
A Hero with a Secret…
A highly decorated naval officer, Noah rushes to save Kelly, and then help to unlock the secret of their shared past.

A Love That Is More than a Dream…
Together they discover a love and passion surpassing all of their dreams, but before they can have a future together they have to solve the mystery of their past.
My Review:
 This was an interesting read that caught my attention from the first chapter and kept it all the way through. A great start for a new series!
 I really loved Noah. He's so protective and sweet and sexy as all hell. He's a great leader to his team. I liked Kelly "Kali" but at times she did annoy me. At times she just had really low self esteem and it got old fast. I could understand her reasoning's for it at first but she kept bringing it up. I do love how Noah dealt with her feelings. It was sweet and very hot! They made a great team. I do like how she wanted to help in the fight and not just let the men protect her.
Even the secondary characters were really great. Noah's team is awesome. Nate is very fun and I am really intrigued by Kota. I even adored Kelly's dad. He is an awesome man. The author really brought all these characters too life.
There was a lot of action and suspense in this and a unique and interesting storyline. I can't wait to read more in this series.

Caitlyn O'Leary was raised in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. She has been an avid reader. Her earliest creative writing endeavors consisted of "ghost writing" exercises in which she pretended to be her younger brothers and sisters when she did their homework assignments before they turned them in as their own.

Years in corporate America honed her ability to manipulate words by day, and at night she read everything she could get her hands on, including many, romances!

Happily married to her long, tall Texan and living in Southern California, Caitlyn has finally found the time to write very steamy happily-every-afters for Siren/Bookstrand.

She has just started writing the Found series. It's a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets. 
She loves to hear from her readers. 
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Spotlight & Review: Taken by Desire by Valerie Twombly

Taken by Desire
Demonic Desires
by Valerie Twombly
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Greydon has two important missions: Find his brothers and rescue his people. His duty becomes complicated when he's forced to beg a human to save his life.

Aimee Jarvis always considered her bookstore a detour to bigger things. Little did she realize her next stop would be the intriguing world of a demon prince. Yet, she finds the dangerous Greydon alluring.

While their attraction continues to burn, they both deny what their hearts already know. It will take the mystery of an ancient civilization and a shocking discovery for them to admit their desire.
My Review:
This was a very fast paced and exciting read. It was very refreshing and new. A lot of the paranormal romances now are pretty much the same story told over and over but this one was different.
I really liked Aimee, shes a fighter and I love her sense of humor. Even after being attacked by these demons she stuck around to make sure her rescuer was ok. Greydon is a great leading male. He's all alpha but still very sweet. Him and Aimee make a great pair. I love the chemistry between them and the build up to them getting together. When they finally did it was very hot!
There are a lot of great secondary characters too. Bethany, Aimee's best friend is very sassy and I love how protective and determined she was to save Aimee. And Fang, I love Fang. He's so snarky and fun. Him and Bethany are great when their together. I hope for their story soon! Plus Greydon's brothers.
There are some great twists and surprises thrown in. I love the bits of Mythology and history thrown in. This is definitely a great start to a new series and I can't wait for more.

Award winning and best selling author Valerie Twombly grew up watching Dark Shadows over her mother’s shoulder, and from there her love of the fanged creatures blossomed. Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby and her two German shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers.

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Spotlight & Review: When an Alpha Purrs by Eve Langlais

When An Alpha Purrs
A Lion's Pride 1
by Eve Langlais
Genre: Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Fantasy Romance

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A lion’s pride isn’t defined only by those he commands but also resides with his hair, so when a human dares to butcher Arik’s mane, he gets his revenge—and claims her as his mate.

A billionaire CEO and leader of the largest East Coast pride, Arik is a ladies man and a lion. Used to commanding others, and obedience, he can’t believe it when a hairdresser with tempting curves chops off a hunk of his precious mane.
But her biggest mistake is in running from him.
Run as fast as you can, little mouse, because this cat loves to chase—and pounce.

Oh, and he also likes to nibble on tender bits. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for a human woman, a woman who can make the impossible happen because everyone knows lions can’t purr…until now.
My Review:
I completely adore Eve Langlais' books and this one had me laughing out loud. It was a lot of fun and with some suspense and action.
Arik is such an arrogant a** and very prissy but I couldn't help but love him. Kira is feisty and sarcastic. I love how she challenges Arik. They complement each other really well and are hot as hell together!
Eve always makes for fun and fast reads. I definitely plan on grabbing the rest of this series.

~ New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

Hello, my name is Eve and I am a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance, usually with shifters, cyborgs or aliens lol.

Be warned, I do have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. I like strong alpha males, naked chests and shifters. Lots of shifters. In fact, you'll notice most of my multi partner stories revolve around great, big, overprotective shifters who just want to please their woman. I am also extremely partial to aliens, you know the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane...with pleasure of course.

I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a happily ever after.

Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what's coming next, then please visit me at

Or sign up for my new release email list at

Happy reading!
Eve Langlais

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Author Twitter: @evelanglais

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Spotlight & Fun Facts: The Desire of a Lady by Linda Rae Sande

The Desire of a Lady
by Linda Rae Sande
Genre: Historical Romance


A sensual tale of a maid, four suitors and a clerk on a mission

As the illegitimate daughter of an earl, Lily Harkins spent her early years toiling as a scullery maid and later as a lady's maid. When her brother, Gabriel Wellingham, paid a call to claim her as his sister, Lily was surprised and a bit overwhelmed. With recognition as the Earl of Trenton's half-sister came the responsibility to learn the ways of the ton as well as the promise of a substantial dowry—an irresistible draw for many a man who might require the income to pay off gambling debts or shore up flagging bank accounts.

William Overby may have started his life as a street urchin in the Seven Dials, but he worked his way from being Thomas Wellingham's caddie to clerking at the man's business. Having outfitted his bachelor quarters with excess inventory from Wellingham Imports and rather satisfied with his lot in life, William has no need to wonder what's next. That is, until he meets the comely blonde chit who's paying a visit to her cousin, Thomas. The idea of courting—the idea of taking a wife—are suddenly all William can think about.

Thanks to patient tutoring, Lily had a successful come-out—too successful. Having read the stories in the gossip sheets from London suggesting his sister is being courted by no fewer than four aristocrats, Gabriel sends for her. He’s determined to hear her side of the stories before deciding which man is worthy enough to be her husband.

Having suffered a good deal of embarrassment in her encounters with gentlemen claiming they wished to court her, Lily wonders if any of her suitors are sincere. And just who is the young man who works for her cousin Thomas? Is he a suitable suitor? Or just another fortune hunter after her dowry? While on her way to meet her brother in Staffordshire, Lily decides she may have to spin a few tales of her own to get her way in The Desire of a Lady.

Here are the "25 Fun Facts" for THE DESIRE OF A LADY.
1. Gabriel Wellingham, Earl of Trenton, first appeared in THE KISS OF A VISCOUNT.
2. In July 1817, the sovereign coin was reintroduced. 
3. Little Gabe, Sarah and Gabriel’s son, is illegitimate, a result of their first evening together in the Spread Eagle, a coaching inn in Stretton.
4. There really is a Spread Eagle Inn in Stretton.
5. Fictional Trenton Manor is located in Bilston, Staffordshire, a town now nearly merged into Wolverhampton.
6. Gas lighting was introduced for stage productions in the West End, including The English Opera House and Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and Theatre Royal in Covent Gardens.
7. Sarah Cumberbatch Wellingham, Countess of Trenton, first appeared in the very first chapter of THE KISS OF A VISCOUNT.
8. A French letter, or condom, was made from sheep intestines and tied on using a ribbon.
9. William Overby first appeared as a caddie (messenger boy) in THE PROMISE OF A GENTLEMAN.
10. Waterloo Bridge opened in London on June 18, 1817.
11. Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817.
12. Vauxhall Gardens was a pleasure garden on the south bank of the River Thames and one of the leading venues for public entertainment.
13. Thomas and Emma Wellingham first appeared in THE PROMISE OF A GENTLEMAN.
14. A pasquel flower is one of the rarest flowers found in Great Britain.
15. The story of how Gabriel and Sarah Wellingham ended up together can be found in MY FAIR GROOM.
16. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London.
17. Gunter’s Tea Shop, located at No. 7-8 Berkeley Square, was a fashionable light eatery featuring ices and sorbets. 
18.  A musicale is a gathering or concert, typically small and informal. 
19. Milton Grandby, Earl of Torrington, first appeared in THE KISS OF A VISCOUNT and is mentioned or plays a significant role in every “Aristocracy” book by Linda Rae Sande.
20. Grandby’s wife, Adele Slater Worthington Grandby, is sister to William Slater, Marquess of Devonville, and the aunt of Hannah Slater, whose story can be found in THE SEDUCTION OF AN EARL.
21. Lord Weatherstone’s balls are favored by members of the ton because his gardens provide cover for trysts.
22. A soirée is an evening party or gathering, typically in a private home, featuring conversation or music.
23. Drawn by a single horse, high-perch phaetons were to the Regency what Corvettes are to current car enthusiasts. Yellow and red were the most popular colors for these vehicles.
24. Lily Harkins first appeared in THE STORY OF A BARON when her half-brother, Gabriel Wellingham paid a visit to Fitzsimmons Manor and claimed the lady’s maid as his sister.
25. Park Lane addresses were highly prized by members of the aristocracy. The houses on the west side back up to Hyde Park.


A former technical writer, Linda Rae’s interest in the Regency has resulted in ten books set during that era. Employed at Goodyear Printing, she can frequently be found at the local cinema enjoying the latest movie. During the winter, she houses junior hockey players and follows the San Jose Sharks. She makes her home in Cody. Read more about her books on her website: