Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review & Tour: Tressie by Blaine Hislop

by Blaine Hislop
Genre: Horror 
Tour Organizer: N K Author Services

Framed for the horrific murder of her daughter, a mentally disabled Tressie is denied justice in the courtroom, as well.. Sentenced to die, she is brutalized, tormented, and humiliated in prison before she's put to death. 
That should have been the end of it. And for many it is. But for those left with nightmares, the terrifying screams that start echoing across the valley years later are a warning. 
When nervous, frightened, townspeople demand the source of the screams be found and stopped, Mayor Trebellhorn calls in a team of Ghost Hunters. 
As Travis and his team are sent in to investigate the long abandoned prison, they quickly learn that there's still one prisoner that's been waiting a long time to be set free...

Blaine Hislop is a researcher and writer from Canada who splits his time between the Frozen North and the Dominican Republic. He is married and loves a good scare. Tressie told him to write this book, so he did

My Review:
This is definitely not for those of the faint heart. Its a very dark and disturbing story. 
I had a hard time at first getting into this. It was a lot of just dark stuff with very little character build up. It just showed how horrible people can be and judgmental. But I was really intrigued by how it was all going to play out.
This is a 2 part story and this one does end on some what of a cliff hanger. This is mostly the backstory of what happened to Tressie and her daughter.
I really liked the ghost hunters that they brought in. I'm intrigued as to how the second part of the story will go.

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