Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review Tour: Soul Crawling Love by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Soul Crawling Love Trio

by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Having always been fearful of being hurt, Abasha Celine shunned love and relationships. She found herself in situations, which meant she had random sexual encounters with a couple of her friends who provided benefits. However, the day she walked into the art gallery and Shaka Fortune spoke to her, things changed.

"Hello...I'm Shaka Fortune, welcome to my work." 

Color suffused her mahogany face as her eyes drank in his tall, ebony countenance. Usually very verbose she said nothing for several minutes. His face opened in a grin as he rubbed her hand, sending colorful shock waves through her. 

"And you are?" 
"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place," flew from her mouth. She felt as if she would collapse from desire and embarrassment. Staring into her eyes, he willed himself not to lick her face. He'd never enjoyed such a visceral reaction to any woman. 

“So, it does. I love a woman, who loves Zora." 

Finally, pulling her hand away Abasha maneuvered her way through the gallery. Shaka was known for his ebony nudes, highlighted by swirls of color. Most of the canvases were huge but a medium one caught her eye. The woman was in recline, her skin the color of teak with shades of orange showing as veins. Her natural hair covered most of her face, but her orange lips showed prominently. 

Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and entreprenuer who is about forward motion while remembering history...owner of Honorable MENCHAN Media and MaMM Productions Her goal is to always entertain and reach by writing the Fictionalized Truth!

My Review:

This one was extremely hard for me to get through. It just wasn't for me. Not to say others wouldn't like it. It's not badly written but it just didn't flow well to me.
It was very disjointing in parts. It was constantly changing points of view between all of the characters. Even minor ones. 
I did really like Abasha. She's very strong and independent.
I liked Shaka too. He knows what he wants and that's Abasha. He would do anything for her. He's also extremely generous. Though I thought he was too nice at times to people who wronged him.
There was also a lot of Abasha's family in these. Her mom and brother were featured very prominently.
I did really like the message behind these. Love transcends all. It doesn't matter what color you are. Love transcends all.
So while these weren't for me it doesn't mean that others would really like them.

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