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Everything by NB Baker


by NB Baker
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A shocking tale of romance and deception, N.B. Baker’s Everything is an impressive debut that proves no secret is ever really buried. Ella Stone is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life. Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, both of the grandparents who raised her are now gone. Facing her future for the first time, Ella decides to move to Detroit in order to be near her two best friends. After a misguided relationship with a man she finds in bed with another woman, Ella begins doubting her life-changing move. That is, until she meets Chance St. John. When Chance fends off a brutal attack, he and Ella share an instant connection. As the two get to know each other, their passionate exploits both in and out of the bedroom make way for a deeper connection for which neither one was quite prepared. But despite their increasing closeness, Ella can’t shake the feeling that Chance is hiding something from her. His frequent nightmares and skittish responses point to a secret in his past that haunts him still. While Ella attempts to uncover Chance’s mysterious past, her own life takes a turn for the strange. As Everything builds to its explosive climax, Ella must discover the truth before Chance’s dark past consumes them both.

N.B. Baker is Iowa born, 12 years ago she moved to Wyoming where she resides with her husband, children, their four legged children Kiera and Jade. She loves to write in the spare time she has, after working 40 hours in the financial world, playing wife, and mommy, (aka chef, doctor, house keeper, taxi driver, zoo keeper, homing device, and much more.)
N.B. Baker has always believed in the unbreakable bond between best friends; love at first sight and happily ever after.              
       “Everything” is N.B. Baker’s debut novel.


He looks deep into my eyes as I run my hands back up

his chest and push his shirt and jacket off his shoulders onto the floor. Heat

rushes through me as my eyes drink in every inch of him. Chance kisses my

neck and starts working his way across my collarbone down to where the dress

meets my shoulder. Moving it gently so that it falls down my arm, he kisses

his way to my other shoulder where he does the same thing, causing the dress

to pool around my feet. I’m standing in nothing but the garter belt, hose, and

stilettos. He runs his eyes across my body, sending yet another wave of heat

through me.

In a low, sexy-as-hell voice, Chance says, “Leave them on, baby. I want to

take them off of you.”

He turns around and heads into the bedroom. Just as quickly as he left, he’s

back out, carrying a blanket and pillows. He takes large strides to where I stand

and swoops me up into his arms. I wrap my legs around him, and he carries me

out onto the balcony. Chance throws the blanket and pillow to the ground and

lays me gently on top of them. Sitting on his knees between my legs, he leans

down over me, running his hand from my neck down to my hips, watching his

hand as it glides down my body. I lean my body into his touch.

I need to feel him consuming me completely. “Chance, please…”

He puts each of my legs over his shoulders and then lowers his face to my

core. One soft movement of his tongue against my wet flesh and I fall over the

edge. I reach down, grab a handful of his hair, and pull him up to me. “Chance,
I need you inside of me, please!”

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My Review:
  So I had a little trouble getting into this one. It is told in 1st person, which doesn't normally bother me but it was very repetitive, like I did this and I did that.  It just got very old fast. It almost read like she was writing in a journal to me at some points.
 It did have a very interesting plot and for being the authors first book it was nicely done. Just a few editing issues mainly. 
 It was an extremely sexy read and I adore Chance. He's super hot and protective. Also very mysterious. He has some demons that you really want to find out.  There was definitely a lot of sex in this one. Parts of this had me laughing out loud. So it was enjoyable overall.  
 So if your looking for a sexy read with a little mystery and humor  this ones for you.

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