Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: The Coward's Way out by Kallysten


Description from Goodreads: When she was first trapped in the Ward mention, an unwanted guest to millionaire and vampire Morgan Ward, Angelina could think of nothing else but how to break the compulsion that kept her prisoner. Her reluctant warden was certainly sexy and intriguing, but his standoffish behavior was outputting to say the least.

After a couple of weeks, however, after several ‘mind-trips’ into a fantasy reality in which Morgan is a perfect gentleman – and perfect lover – Angelina finds herself falling for him and struggling to understand why he tries so hard to push her away. How can a man be charming and attentive one minute… and yet deliberately infuriating the next?

A visit from Irene, this time more interested in a stroll down memory lane than in murder, starts to explain Morgan’s fears. But can Angelina break down his barriers before it’s finally time to leave, or will his past prove to be too deep of a wound to heal?
I received this from the author in exchange for a review.
This one was a lot more emotional than the other installments. I love that we definitely get more insight into Morgan and why he is so cut off from feeling for Angelina or at least trying not to. He had a very painful past. It just draws you to his character more wanting to comfort him. There is definitely a huge build up in this series where they just keeps getting better and better. I only wish they would stop ending on cliffhangers! I need the next one now!



  1. ^^ oki you were tired ( kallystEN with a e not a ^^)
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    1. Whoops. I really am tired! Thanks for letting me know! Grr.. its been a really long couple of days! I just posted it so I wouldn't forget it.

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