Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My September Reading list


So September was a busy month. Alot of things were going on so I didnt get to read as much as I would have liked. Im hoping to get more done in October. I've entered a few reading challenges, so hopefully those can motivate me.

                            3rd Annual Spooktacular Paranormal Reading Challenge
Page Count Contest
So in September I read:
Was given this by the author for review.  I gave it 3/5
Coyote Home (Coyote Hunger, #1)  Add to Goodreads
Reviewed for The Smutty Kitty  under the Kinky Kitten  (review has not been posted yet) I gave it 3.5/5

Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, #1) Add to Goodreads
Own this one.  You can read my review here  4/5

 A Kiss of Blood  Add to Goodreads
I'm part of her review crew. Was given to me by the author.  4/5

511 Add to Goodreads
Own. Read for the Sports Romance reading challenge. 3/5

Blurred Nights Add to Goodreads
Part of her review crew. Given to by the author. 4/5

Creatures of Appetite Add to Goodreads
Own. Was recommended to my mom, who then told me I had to read it. 4/5

5830579 Add to Goodreads
Own. Read for the Sports Romance Reading Challenge. 4/5

Cursed to Kill (Inherited Damnation, #1) Add to Goodreads
I won this from the author a really long time ago and rediscovered them recently. 3/5

Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans, #1) Add to Goodreads
Won from the author. You can read my review here 4/5

Raphael/Parish (Bayou Heat, #1-2) Add to Goodreads
Own. 4/5

Serial Uncut: Extended Edition Add to Goodreads
Own. 4/5

So 12 books, which really isn't that bad. How was your Sept. reading?


  1. awesome reading list(: Good Luck!

  2. ^^ Since my first message didn't appear i try again.
    i hope all these challenge ( whose i participate in to) will help your motivation, i think you did read quite a lot in fact it's nearly 3books a weeks which is great ^^ october is more paranormal so that should help too ( in my case it does or teh fact i'm stuck at home^^)

    happy october reading month!

    1. :) yes. I havent been all that motivated yet to read. Probably because im not feeling well. But Im hoping it will pick up.