Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: In the Roar by Milly Taiden

Scrooge Me Hard
Paranormal Dating Agency Holiday SHORT: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance only 99 Cents on Pre-Order

ATTENTION READERS: This is a SHORT. This is NOT a standalone full length story like other PDA books. It is intended to be read in order after you read the previous books (1-9)....

Aurelis Fuentes wants one thing: Children. She’d also like for people to stop complaining about the amount of frosting on her cupcakes but that’s another story. When her scrooge of an ex comes back into her life, she’s not sure what to think.
Reed Stone wants one thing: His mate back. He made a mistake but he’s a changed man. In the spirit of Christmas, he’s hoping she takes a chance and forgives him or at least allow him to explain without throwing things at him.
Gerri Wilder is at it again, only this time she’s got the help of some of our previous couples. Catch up with Tally, Nita, Maya, Alyssa and their men while they try to help Auri and Reed find their way back to each other. This is one holiday they won’t soon forget.
And the first in a new series:
Miss Taken: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance
(Raging Falls Book 1)
Waking up in some strange man’s bed was never big girl Kira Ardan’s goal for the day. Neither was waking up naked. Wait, naked? Someone had a lot of explaining to do and soon.
Luke Lyen is at the height of his need. He wants a mate and he wants her now. Finding the woman meant to be his brings out the lust he’s been fighting for days. If only she weren’t so stubborn, he might be able to get her to understand she is his. Then they could move on with dirty, freaky loving.
The big lion is doing things with his tongue that makes Kira’s brain cells melt. It will take more than a little danger to get this curvy woman to let go of her firm beliefs. She’s not interested in being anyone’s MINE, but maybe he can convince her to be HIS.
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  1. only the part " dirty language" ha sme hesitating because all teh rest makes me want to try this series

    1. I think this series might be too erotic for you. There really steamy and pretty explicit so im not sure you'd like them.