Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cover Reveal for Lindsay Avalon's Taking the Realm


The world as Connor and Sha once knew is gone, replaced by pain, loss, and an everpresent malevolent force determined to subjugate Mythrians and humans alike. Now that the Nexus has broken and the Phoenix has woken, can one detective and the warrior he loves stop the evil carried on waves of chaos and destruction? Or will Ferren and Maestro succeed in their ultimate plan to seize control of both the Human and Mythrian Realms?

Official Upcoming Release Schedule!

March 21 - Hidden Battles (Book 1 of new Military Romance series)
April 14 - Shaking the Balance (Conclusion of Sha and Connor's trilogy)
June 6 - Broken Angel (Book 3.5 of the Mythrian Realm, Kastalia and Aries novelette)
July 24 - War's Angel (Book 4 of the Mythrian Realm, Kastalia and Aries novel)



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