Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Tour + Review: Mind's Eye by Rebecca Rogers

Seventeen-year-old Kearly Ashling can travel anywhere her mind takes her—literally. Becoming Empress of the planet Cyeor and battling monstrous, otherworldly creatures isn’t a problem. Living among the elves on the Plains of Glasslyn has yet to be an issue, as well. Even touring normal places like Paris, London, Tokyo, and the Amazon Rainforest isn’t difficult.

But traveling through her imagination isn’t just fun and games—it has consequences. Following a battle on the planet Cyeor, she’s visited by a guy who’s unimagined. He warns her to stop using her gift or they will find her. Kearly doesn’t heed the messenger’s advice and soon wishes she had. When the messenger finds her again, he transports her to the M.I.N.D., a corporation which specializes in “healing the psyche.” Once she’s inside the M.I.N.D.’s doors, however, Kearly realizes escaping is nearly impossible.

Now, she must figure out the M.I.N.D.’s true intent, try not to fall for the irritating-yet-handsome messenger, and find a way to outsmart the organization before they stop her from ever imagining again.
Paperback, 284 pages
Published January 1st 2014
1481061577 (ISBN13: 9781481061575)
edition language
My Review:
I was very intrigued about the premise of this book. To be able to go wherever you could possibly imagine? I am one of those people who lives in there head. A big day dreamer, so that just made this even more of a fun idea.
Kearly is a great lead character. She's very witty and snarky. She doesn't take any bull from anyone. During one of her "trips" she meets this guy Dom, who she didn't make up. He works for an agency that stops people with Kearly's abilities by erasing their imaginations and memory. He gives Kearly a warning that if she does it again he will strip her ability away from her.
I didn't really know what to think of Dom at first. He just came off as very cocky and kind of arrogant. But you do discover he isn't what he says he is. He's really a good guy with some layers. After Kearly is taken by the Ministry or M.I.N.D. and about to get her powers stripped she finds out that Dom is really part of a group working within the Ministry that wants to destroy it. Dom helps Kearly escape making them both fugitives. He then recruits her to help take them down.
The first part of the story moves kind of slow but then the action starts and its very fast pace.
 It does end with a cliff hanger and makes me anxious to read the next book. This series has a lot of great potential and I'm intrigued to see what happens next.


  1. Thank you for participating, and for the lovely review! :D

    1. Your very welcome! I'm excited to read the next one. :)